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Facts of Life web series is about Patrick Parker, a man in his early 40s, who decides to use his past to make a better future for boys whose families are going through tough times. He helps the boys by providing shelter until their families have a more stable place to live. As he grew up he remembers living in shelters and a few foster homes until he got adopted. 

He was a construction worker for many years but had a bad accident and can no longer work in that field. Being home out of work Mr. Parker took a new passion, cooking. He would cook meals and take it to

shelters to feed the homeless and families. Mr. Parker was married twice and has 3 beautiful daughters but they don't live with him. Since he has the house to himself and he knows how hard it is to not have stability as a young boy, he wants to help others not go through what he went through.  He decides to work with an agency called Home Source in the state of NY and bring boys into his home to help them through the transitions that their families have to go through. He doesn't want them to live in shelters or out on the streets. 

The series focuses on the 4 boys Mr. Parker has currently been assigned - Miguel, Jason, Alex and Marcus. 

They range in age from 10 to 14 and each comes from different backgrounds but they have to learn to live in this new situation with strangers and make the best of it.

Things don't always go well for the boys or Mr. Parker, but in the end they all learn a lesson about brotherhood, friendship and that family can take on many different forms.

Evelyn and Sally are set moms/momagers that met on a location a little over a year ago. A few weeks later,  they ended up on another location together again. After hours of chatting at holding they became friends and their sons became set friends and video game buddies. As time when on they all realized they had a lot in common.

Evelyn and Sally were always saying "wouldn't it be great if they remade The Goonies and our boys could be in it?" or "how cool would it be if they remade Stand By Me and the boys could be in it" or "the boys would have been awesome in IT!..." They have the same hopes,  dreams and drive to help their sons' acting dreams come true and they work hard to make it happen.

At Christmas, Sally's son got skates and has worn them non stop around the house. She started calling him "Tootie" like the girl from "The Facts of Life" that always had skates on... This lead to the thought "how fun would it be if they remade that show but with boys!" She mentioned this thought to Evelyn who right away said "let's do it!"

That was the start of "Facts of Life Web Series" and a collaboration between Escape 2 Productions and Ocean Hill Entertainment on a project that is sure to be a fun and exciting ride for everyone involved!!

Evelyn Ferreira

Escape 2 Productions

Sally Jules

Ocean Hill Entertainment

Meet the Creative Team

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